Repair services of electronical devices

          In order to offer an additional service to its customers, Électro-5 provides a service of residential and commercial electronical devices repair. .

          Why repairing devices ?

          To extend their lifetime. Whether you have a part or a fuse to replace, repairing your device allows preserving it for many years. When the device is not too damaged and the repairs to make are minor, it is often more interesting, economic and practical to repair devices rather than throwing them away to buy new ones.

          To protect the environment. Making the choice of repairing a device rather than getting rid of it is also a good way to avoid waste production and extraction of new raw material. In fact, new devices require the extraction of raw material which generates pollution. Besides, when your old device is not recycled properly,it can cause harm for the health and environment.
          Repairing devices is an eco-friendly option which contributes to reducing environmental footprint and to extend the lifetime of devices.

          Types of devices

          These are the types of devices we repair and clean.
          • Television and monitor of all kinds
          • Home theater
          • Amplifier
          • Stereo system
          • VCR
          • CD, DVD and Blu Ray player
          • Turntable, speaker and earphone
          • Microwave

          • Repair Policy

          • Repair prices

          Electro-5: official point of deposit for ARPE Québec and Appel @ recycler

          Are you concerned about the environment? We are too! In fact, Electro-5 is an official point of deposit for ARPE (Association of electronical products recycling) and Appel @ recycler (calling for recycling) . This is why we offer the service of collecting electronical devices and batteries for electronic to ensure that This is why we offer the service of collecting electronical devices and batteries for electronic to ensure that. We invite you to come and return your damaged or non-repairable devices and your batteries for electronic for free.

          Identification and marking services

          Electro-5 offers personalized marking services for the industrial and commercial market.

          In order to offer perfection to its valuable customers, the enterprise has developed an expertise in offering on-site services to meet specific needs. As a result: your orders will be perfectly completed in a short time!

          These are the main reasons why you should mark your parts:

          • • Identifying different parts and cables ;
          • • Reinforcing the security at workplace ;
          • • Reducing in a significant way the length of resolving a breakdown ;
          • • Personalizing your product with your details.

          Électro-5 proposes a personalized and sustainable marking service for all the needs in control panel.

          These are the main categories of marking offered:

          • • Terminal marking
          • • Cable identification
          • • Component marking
          • • Identification on the control panel

          To meet the needs of our customers, several techniques are used. Electro-5 takes into account the conditions of the material (high temperature, outdoor material, etc.) to choose the appropriate type of marking.

          Types of marking offered:

          • - Heat-shrinkable tube
          • - Terminal markers (many brands available)
          • - Self-adhesive label
          • - Fabrication of Lamicoid (engraved plastic)
          • - Other several products available according to your needs.

          Discover our variety of printing products available, made on the same day.

          Electro-5 has been a leader for 30 years; we have all the products and expertise to meet your needs efficiently. Quality products as well as proactive and outstanding services, this is our commitment!

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          Looking forward to serving you!


          • Industrial Robots

          • Mobile Robots

          • Linear Axis

          • Part Feeders



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